About SEP

About SEP


Sioux Empire Paddlers is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. Our goal is to increase paddling knowledge and safety.

Goals of our club are to provide opportunities for classes, events, paddling education, and recreation.

A list of some of our future goals:

1. Instructor Workshops – We want to host Kayak Instructor workshops to increase the local certified instructors in the area.
2. Kayaking for Kids – We have received grants and purchased boats for kids ages 8-13. We will be hosting regular classes in the summer and hopefully in winter pool sessions. We have also partnered up with The Sioux Falls School District to offer kayak classes through their Community Education Program. We believe in getting our young ones outside and on our waterways but we want to make sure they have the knowledge and some skills so they enjoy our waterways and they are safe about their adventures.
3. Kayaking for Teens – We are currently raising funds and submitting grants to get started on our Kayaking for Teens Program to offer classes for students ages 13-19. These classes will also have specific equipment for these ages.
4. Kayaking for Adults – We are currently raising funds and submitting grants to get started on our Kayaking for Adults Program to offer classes for adults of all ages. We want to get more people outdoors and learn some great safety skills so they can be safe as possible when out on our waterways.
5. Pool Session – We offer pool sessions in the winter season to keep up on paddling skills, learn new skills, or just practice safety rescues in a safe environment. We prefer to host 4-6 pool sessions a winter. These classes are FREE to members of our organization. Sign up to be a member here http://siouxempirepaddlers.org/membership/
6. River Clean Ups – Our organization believes a clean waterway will bring more people to it. We host regular cleanups in the summer on different sections of rivers.
7. River Access – Sioux Empire Paddlers wants more people to get out and paddle. We currently worked with Garretson South Dakota to get a kayak launch in their city park on Split Rock Creek. We hope to work with other counties and cities to increase access points to paddle more different waterways.
8. Events and Trips – Our group hopes we can get paddlers together to make paddling trips down local waterways and out of city trips. We hope to get groups together to help each other out and explore more paddling opportunities.
9. Equipment – We believe in safety first. We have been raising funds for correct sized equipment and safety equipment. Safety equipment helps us out in paddling classes and trips to make sure we are prepared for any accidents or mishaps. We also believe that if a paddler has the right sized equipment they will have more fun and learn more about paddling.

Our organization has some hefty goals but we have a great team of board members and club members. As a group we hope to make paddling easier and safer for local paddlers and individuals coming to paddle our local waterways.