Sioux Falls Kayak Rental

Sioux Falls Kayak Rental

Call/Text: 605-310-2070

“Dont forget to tip your delivery and pick up person”

DISCLOSURE: Please read before purchase.

Failure to arrive within 30 minutes of your scheduled time will result in a forfeit of your rental and purchase.

If for any reason you need to reschedule your time. We will need 1 hour notice from your scheduled time will result in a forfeit of your rental and rental cost.

Please make sure to allow yourself enough shuttle time to get your vehicle to the end point to meet these timelines.

Sioux Falls Kayak Rental

**no refunds**


Q: Do you have tandem kayaks and canoes?

A: We only carry single kayaks.

Q: Do we need to bring our own life jackets?

A: No, we provide life jackets and paddles with rental.

Q: Where do your provide rentals?

A: We provide deliver and pick up on the Big Sioux in Sioux Falls. Farmfield Park (57th Street and Western) to Downtown Cherapa, Farmfield Park (57th Street and Western) to Rotary Park (26th Street and Southeastern), or Rotary Park (26th Street and Southeastern) to Downtown Cherapa building.

Q: How big of groups can you do?

A: We can provide rentals for up to 10 people.

Q: How do I transport my rental?

A: We will deliver the rental to your starting point and pick them up at your ending point. You just need to have a car at the end point to get back to the beginning.

Q: How long are the trips?

A: Our most popular trip Farmfield Park to Downtown depends on the flow and how much the renter is paddling. It can be anywhere from 2.5 hours to 4 hours.

Q: I am new to kayaking and wonder if its safe?

A: Farmfield Park to Downtown is perfect for beginners. Has a few ripples but adds to the adventure. This route is perfect for novice paddlers.

Q: Are there rapids on the Big Sioux?

A: From Farmfield Park to Downtown there are three rapids/ripples. First one is at the bike trail bridge at Pasley Park (you will want to stay on the left side of the river when facing downriver), second section is at Rotary Park (you will want to stay on the right side of the river when facing downriver), and third section is at the statue of David as you enter downtown ( you will want to stay in the center of this rapid).  Best advice is not to freak out, keep your kayak straight going through, and keep paddling for the best control.

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