Sioux Falls Whitewater Park

Sioux Falls Whitewater Park

Dear Supporters,

We are looking for your support.  Our 501(c)3 organization, Sioux Empire Paddlers, wants to raise funds to build a whitewater park in Sioux Falls South Dakota. First step is raising funds for engineering, design, and permits.

We have had a feasibility study done to show us that a park is feasible in several locations and we have received a conceptual design show us what a park could possibly look like.

We have done several fundraisers over the years now and we are looking for that final push.  We want to raise enough funds to cover all the engineering and permit fees for a whitewater project. We have broken it down to needing 3,000 supports to donate $20.00. It may seem like a large goal to get that many people coming together for one project but that is what we are looking for.  A large number of supporters for our project. We want to know how many supporters we do have! Once we have raised the amount below we are able to move forward to the next step!

Please show your support and donate $20.00 today for our project.

Amount needed for all engineering, studies, designs, and permits –


(Amount last updated 02/12/2018)

Sioux Falls Whitewater Park Donation

Donate here or send a check to:

Sioux Empire Paddlers

5213 W 55th Street

Sioux Falls, SD 57106

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Thank you for your support for this project. If you have any questions please email us at


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  Sioux Empire Paddlers are working on getting a whitewater park in Sioux Fall South Dakota. A whitewater park will allow our organization to host more options for educational paddling classes and host amazing events. What is a whitewater park? A whitewater park is a series of stationary wave features in the river or otherwise known as a standing wave (hydraulic wave). It can also be considered an engineered man made park with whitewater and rapids. The waves are hydraulic jumps where water flows back on itself creating a retentive feature. Sioux Empire Paddlers has completed phase I for Sioux Falls Whitewater Park and is now working on Phase II with a conceptual design completed beginning of 2016. Phase II included modeling, designs, and river studies by our engineers ( image Below are details of all the phases and tasks: Phase I: Task 1: Site Reconnaissance Completed Task 2: Stakeholder Coordination Completed/Continued Efforts Task 3: Opportunities and Constraints Matrix (Feasibility Study) Completed (Falls Park North) Phase II: Task 4: Conceptual Design: Completed Task 5: Site Inventory and Assessment Task 6: Hydrology Task 7: Hydraulic Analyses Task 8: Preliminary Design and Alternatives Phase III: Task 9: Permitting Task 10: 50% Design Phase IV: Task 11: Develop Bid Package Task 12: Negotiate Bids with Contractors Task 13: Construction of Sioux Falls Whitewater Park Phase V:

   Task 14: Grand Opening (LET THE FUN BEGIN)

image Advantages from Sioux Falls Whitewater Park other than benefits for paddlers (canoeing, kayaking, and stand up paddle boarding): 1. Economic benefit – Charles City Iowa Est. population of 7,500 built their park in 2009. They conducted a study on economic income from their park in 2014. Their study said that the city of Charles City Iowa received $746,000.00 in economic income. Now a city with a population of Sioux Falls could possibly bring in $1 million to $1.5 million to local stores, gas stations, and hospitality business. 2. Other uses of the park – You can use wake boards or wake surfers to surf the wave, surf boards, tubes, and boogie boards. 3. Events – Besides hosting paddling events there could be soap box races for all ages. 4. Reestablished river banks – Banks would be redone in local quartzite steps and will have the rebar, field rock, and sidewalk pieces removed. The banks will have a nice natural look to increase the look of this area. This area in North Falls Park will be more of a mirror image of the main part of Falls Park. 5. Majority of Parks users won’t even touch the water – Most whitewater parks, its estimated that for every in water user there are 10-15 park users that don’t even touch the water. These users are there for the excitement of watching in water users, photography, fishing, or just enjoying the beauty of a newly remodeled river greenway project. 6. Fishing – Sioux Falls Whitewater Park will make deep holes where fish love to stay to keep cool and find their food supply. Water will also have an increase in oxidized water since the water will be faster flowing through rapids. The quartzite steps on the bank will make a great place for the whole family to sit down or have easy access to the river edge to cast a line. 7. Stewardship – Sioux Falls Whitewater Park will hopefully entice more people with the want to clean up the river. In return we hope residents help in river clean ups, recycle more, and do what they can at home and work to prevent pollutants entering the river. 8. Resource for everyone in the family – The environment will be family friendly with easy access on the banks and safe features in the water. 9. Workforce – More millennials are looking for what the city has to offer when looking for a career. A whitewater park would be a great benefit to the city attracting new graduates in professional fields. 10. FREE – The park would be FREE to use and to check out. Not very often can you have an outing in Sioux Falls without forking over money to do something fun. We want everyone to able to enjoy this park no matter what your financial situation is. image

Sioux Falls Whitewater Park would benefit the city in so many ways that they can’t all be listed. Let’s work together to make something great in Sioux Falls South Dakota and make this an amazing place to live and work!

Thank you for your support.