Making Rapids from Recycled Phones and Tablets

Making Rapids from Recycled Phones and Tablets

Sioux Empire Paddlers are proud to announce an ongoing fundraiser for the Sioux Falls Whitewater Water Project. We have teamed up with Phone Addiction to raise money from old retired cell phones to help fund our whitewater project.  Sioux Falls Whitewater Park Project is Sioux Empire Paddlers biggest project.  Our nonprofit club hopes to build a whitewater features to the Big Sioux. Our number one goal is to build this without any tax dollars. We hope to build and raise funds through supporters, local business and fundraising.  A whitewater park in Sioux Falls would be a fun safe place for people to picnic, take photos, fish, tube, body board, surf, raft, kayak, canoe and endless other possibilities. This park would be free to use to anyone and would build economic income for the city.  Besides being a fun free place and improving quality of life in Sioux Falls; it would also benefit the quality of the river. Bank stability would prevent bank erosion and sediment, fast moving water would add oxygen to the river, deep holes would provide environment for fish and aquatic life, and it would gain more interest from users to help promote and prevent future damages to the river.

Phone Addiction is a phone and electronic recycling company. They take those old phones and tablets you don’t use anymore and recycle their parts. Doesn’t matter if the phones are cracked, broken, or anything. There are always pieces to recycle especially keeping batteries out of landfills.  Phone Addiction will pay Sioux Empire Paddlers for recycled phones at competitive rates. These funds raised by recycled phones will go towards our whitewater project.

You can mail your in your phones or tablets, drop them off, or Phone Addiction will pick up locally.

Any brands or models are accepted.

Don’t have to be working phones.

Accepts both phones and tablets.

Please consider donating your unused cell phones and tablets to Sioux Empire Paddlers to help make a whitewater park a reality.

Please email us at or messaging us on Facebook on how to get us your old phones.


If you don’t have a phone or tablet to donate to the club but still want to help the club raise money for a whitewater park?

Become a Sioux Empire Paddler Member: from 9-1-17 to 12-31-17 50% of the funds from memberships will go towards the whitewater project. Sioux Empire Paddlers Membership

Shop on Amazon by going through our link. Any Amazon banner you see on our site you can click on and start shopping. We have a code built into the banner that will give us a percentage of your purchase from Amazon!

We also take regular donations. Donations of $250.00 or more will receive a letter from us for tax purposes.

Sioux Falls Whitewater Park

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